Youth Work

Working with young people in Presence and Engagement parishes might mean thinking differently to youth work in other settings. As well as religious diversity there will be cutural issues to be aware of and global issues relating to where their family orginially came from, or where their faith has a sacred site might affect their attitudes, ideas or concerns.

Here are some organisations and resources to help you think through the issues and develop work with young people in your parish.


The Feast works to bring together teenagers from different faiths and cultures to build friendships, explore faith and change lives.

They work by building good relationships with groups of young people and then invite them to ‘encounter’ events where they can meet one another. The relationships between the young people have to be developed in distinctive ways, as their varied communities have different structures and youth programmes based on faith and culture. They also provide training and resources on identity and diversity.


Safe Spaces logo

Safe Spaces for Young People is a developing network of drop-in Youth Projects across Birmingham that provide regular open access Safe Spaces for young people based in their local community. The concept came from local youth workers wanting to resource and increase youth provision across the city. We currently have over 70 Safe Spaces across the city.


Faith Values

A free to download resource from CPAS for Church youth groups to think about The Bible, Us and Other Faiths


My Friend Imran

A Grove Booklet looking at issues of Christian-Muslim friendship amongst young people