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How can the good news transform my workplace?

This one and a half minute video from LiCC paints a picture of how society might be transformed if every disciple saw themselves as joining in with God’s mission in their everyday faith.

Often it’s a case of having a new imagination about what God can do with us at work.  This short handout offers three stories, two real and one imagined, and demonstrate how joining in with God in a workplace, while involving prayer, witness, and kindness, has the potential to bring transformation at every level – reflecting God’s calling to bring healing to what is broken in every area of life.

One story is about how a business person was used by God to bring transformation to an area.

Another is about how a company was transformed to prioritise the needs of differently-abled people, with amazing results!

Another is an imagining of how a top football club might look if it reflected God’s kingdom!

Are some things sacred and some things secular?

The Dutch Prime Minister Abraham Kuyper famously said, “There is not one square inch of creation over which Christ does not say, “It is mine!””  Every part of life belongs to God, every part can be spiritual. To call some things “sacred” and other things “secular” creates a false gap between areas of life God created and those we think He did not. There is no job that is purely “secular”.

However, any area of life made by God can be going in one of two directions. It can be reflecting and shaped around the goodness of God’s kingdom – such as George Cadbury’s approach to business. Or it can be shaped around the values of the present world, as if this is all there is and God has nothing to do with it. To be secular literally translates as to be only shaped around the values of this particular age or world. 

So while nothing God has made can be secular in itself, it can still be heading in a secularised direction. Every sphere of life can be lived according to God’s rule, or not.

You can read more about this in the same handout.  The document, part of our Way of Discipleship, also explores the question, “Is work a blessing or a curse?”

See also this bookmark called "Living an Everyday Faith", which explores how all of our lives can be discipleship.

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