Racial Justice Board

One of the key recommendations of the From Lament to Action report is the creation of a Racial Justice Directorate which will be coordinated by a Racial Justice Director and other support staff. The report also recommends that a body of the archbishop’s council (in our case, the Bishop’s Council) will oversee the work of the Racial Justice Directorate.

Ahead of the appointment of the Racial Justice Director, which is now a topmost priority for Church of England Birmingham (and the subsequent creation of this directorate), a 12-person Racial Justice Board, representing the diversity as well as the depth of wisdom and gifts of Church of England Birmingham, was inaugurated on 15 September 2022 by the Bishop of Birmingham.

The Racial Justice Board, which will give regular progress reports to the Bishops Council, will have the task of working with the bishops, the diocesan secretary, the Racial Justice Director and the reference group for the adaptation and implementation of the various aspects of the recommendations contained in the Lament to Action report, as well as helping us to fulfil our God given mandate to be a church that is not only welcoming to all but a church that values and appreciates the image and the gifts of God in everyone.

Members of the Racial Justice Board

Revd Canon Dele Sotonwa - Chair
Jenny Thurston - Vice-Chair
Revd Tariro Matsveru - Secretary
Dawn Brathwaite - Member
Theresa Harris - Member
Fred Rattley - Member
Daniel Mayes - Member
Revd Guy Donegan-Cross - Member
Revd Sarah Hayes - Member
Revd Canon Douglas Machridza - Member
Revd Canon Nejib Boumenjel - Member
Revd Calvert Prentis - Member
Bishop Anne, Bishop of Aston, Acting Bishop of Birmingham
Helena Moss - Minutes Taker

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