Electrical Safety

One of the principal causes of fires in churches is the unsafe or incorrect use of electricity.

Poorly-maintained electrical circuits and equipment can lead to personal injury (burns) or even death (electrocution). They also operate inefficiently meaning that your church will use and pay for more energy than is necessary.

Here are our TOP TEN TIPS on making sure your church’s wiring and electrical equipment are safe and in good working order:


  • keep proper records of all electrical testing, maintenance and repairs carried out in your church.
  • check that portable appliances are safe before using them.
  • make sure everyone who uses your church knows how to use electricity safely.
  • carry out a proper Risk Assessment at least once a year so you remain aware of specific hazards and how to keep everyone safe.
  • make sure all electrical items and appliances are turned off and disconnected when not in use.



  • allow unqualified people to carry out any work, however minor, on your church’s electrical system.
  • overload sockets by plugging in too many appliances.
  • connect extension leads to each other.
  • risk using an appliance if you are not sure it’s safe. If it doesn’t look safe, it probably isn’t.
  • store combustible materials next to or near to electrical equipment.


A PDF Booklet on Electrical safety is under preparation and will be available here soon.

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