Pastoral Care

The Church of England (CofE) is present in all communities to serve and support those who live there. You are welcome to attend public worship at your parish church and to seek help and support from clergy and other ministers. 

The CofE is always glad to be alongside people in the great life events of birth, marriage and death. See our Life Events page for more information about our ministry in these areas.

The CofE is committed to praying with and for you. There are sources for prayer on the National CofE website.

 To contact your local church about the ministry of support or prayer, see A Church Near You


Deliverance Ministry 

Jesus Christ has power over evil and brings peace and wholeness out of chaos and fear. Deliverance ministry seeks to help those who are encountering unusual and/or troubling experiences, or who feel afraid, oppressed or possessed by evil. 

You can access help through your Parish Priest who, if necessary, can take advice from a Deliverance Adviser appointed by the Bishop.  Help from a deliverance adviser can also be sought via the Bishop's Office.


Healing Ministry 

Services of Wholeness and Healing are regularly offered by Birmingham Cathedral.

Chaplaincy in Healthcare, Higher Education and Prisons 

Many of our healthcare, education, and prison settings have dedicated ministers to support members of those communities. To access:

See our Chaplaincy page for further infomation.


Safeguarding support 

If you have any safeguarding concerns, contact Steph Haynes in the Safeguarding team. 


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