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Presence and Engagement

Presence and Engagement (P&E) is the Church of England's national programme equipping Christians for mission and ministry in the wonderful diversity of our multi faith society. Presence and Engagement is different from inter faith dialogue, although complementary to it. The programme focusses on the task of resourcing the Church for work which will include, but is not limited to, dialogue with people of different faiths.

Birmingham hosts one of England's four P&E centres: Faiths, Neighbours, Changemakers (FNC) in Sparkhill. It exists to:

  • Provide a space where people of all faiths and none can meet one another
  • Resource people living in a multi-faith society
  • Support people as they discover ways of working together to improve and strengthen their local areas.

 P&E Parishes

P&E parishes are those with a substantial population of one or more different faith communities. In Birmingham, we have 78 P&E parishes, in which at least over 10% - and often far more - of the population are of other faiths.

Encouraging and equipping lay and ordained disciples in these areas is an important part of our Transforming Church strategy

If you would like to receive information on training, events and other resources for those living and working in P&E areas in the Birmingham Diocese, please email Debbie Browning to be added to the P&E mailing list.

Interfaith News & Events

​Interfaith Walk & Study Visit 18 August 2019 ​Interfaith Walk & Study Visit

Developing renewable power, building community and preserving the natural environment

Environmental  Iftar at St Peter's Church
4 June 2019
Environmental Iftar at St Peter's Church We have held three iftars at St Peter’s in Hall Green since 2015 and each one has been thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. An iftar is the meal held every evening at the end of a ...
Community cohesion in Birmingham
24 April 2019
Community cohesion in Birmingham Reflections on a six-week internship in interfaith work in Birmingham.
25 March 2019
#WeStandTogether Members of Diocesan Synod joined with Sikh and Muslim community leaders in Smethwick in a show of solidarity
Encountering Our Muslim Neighbours 13 October 2018 Encountering Our Muslim Neighbours

Extending the hand of friendship and love to our Muslim neighbours in Europe today

Church of England schools line up for awards: Christ Church Primary School in Sparkbrook shortlisted
21 June 2018
Church of England schools line up for awards: Christ Church Primary School in Sparkbrook shortlisted Two Church of England schools are in the running to become Primary School of the year, as the 10th national School Awards take place in London on Friday night (22 June).