Diocesan Board of Education

The Diocesan Board of Education (or DBE) is responsible to the Diocesan Synod to promote or assist in the promotion in the Diocese of education which is consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England.

The Board’s members must be partially drawn from the Diocesan Synod.

Each Diocesan Board appoints a Director of Education and other officers it deems necessary to carry out the functions of the Board.

There is increasing expectation that those who provide schools will be held accountable for the education provision within them. If a school has ’Church of England’ over the door, then the Church of England, through the DBE, will be increasingly held responsible for the quality of provision within the school.

Diocesan Boards of Education are not seeking to replace the role of Local Authorities, but in order to ensure the quality of provision in our family of schools the Education team needs to be equipped to ensure they understand the schools properly, analysing performance and then making sure they broker in appropriate support in a timely way.

Here is some information about the current Board: its make-up and membership, terms of reference, sub-Committees and other background:


A Diocesan Board of Education for the Future (2013)

Diocesan Board of Education Measure 1991

Signed Order

Birmingham DBE Board and Committee Membership & ToR for the Triennium 2019-21

Birmingham DBE Business Plan 2019-21