Transforming Church

Transforming Church

Transforming Church is a mission initiative that was rolled out across Birmingham Diocese from the Autumn of 2009. It aims to be a gift to the parishes, not an additional burden; to provide a framework for church development rather than a blueprint of how every church should look; and to start with the local church, but not finish there.

At the heart of the vision for Transforming Church is an understanding that God is a missionary God, who calls on us to share in his mission to all creation. For more on the theology of Transforming Church, click here.

There are four main ingredients to the Transforming Church initiative, and information about each can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link:

Seven Areas of Transformation

First there are the Seven Areas of Transformation, which will form the basis of prayerful discussions in every parish, seeking to develop the church’s mission in a way that is appropriate and achievable. These are like the stalagmites in a cave: they grow from the bottom up. More...

Ten Transforming Church Goals

Secondly there are the Ten Transforming Church Goals, setting out the Bishop’s vision for his Diocese and helping us to share in a broader vision than the purely congregational. These are like the stalactites in a cave: they grow from the top down. Where this initiative will produce the strongest is where the ‘stalagmites’ and ‘stalactites’ grow to join each other and form a pillar. More...

The Consultants

Thirdly there are the Consultants, skilled men and women, lay and ordained, who have been invited by the Bishop to journey with each parish, offering a fresh perspective and helping to crystallise the vision along the way. More...


And finally there is the Toolkit, a useful collection of resources, both local and national, to help each parish fulfil its mission objectives. Download the Toolkit here.

Ten thousand Transforming Church Booklets have been produced, complete with transforming stories from across the Diocese, so as to help parishes work through their response to the initiative. A timeline has also been issued, to keep each parish and its consultant on track. And at its heart, writes Bishop David, this initiative ‘offers a vision of church for the 21st century… as people encounter Jesus and choose to follow him as disciples’.

Transforming Church prayer

Sovereign God,
In Christ you make all things new.
Clothe us with power from on high,
That with generous lives and hearts on fire
We might work with you
To grow your church and
Transform your world.
To you be glory through Jesus our Lord,


Transform magazine

Transforming stories from across the Diocese and key information about the Transforming Church initiative. These were produced to help communicate the goals and areas of transformation to a wider audience.

Transform Issue 1 Summer 2010 (View)
Transform Issue 2 Autumn 2010 (View)
Transform Issue 3 Winter 2010 (View)
Transform Issue 4 Summer 2011 (View)
Transform Issue 5 Winter 2011 (View)
Transform Issue 6 Summer 2012 (View)

Transforming Church Fund

This mission fund is available to support parishes in their growth and outreach using specific money provided by the Church Commissioners. Apply to the Transforming Church Fund.

Click here to download guidance notes.
Click here to download application form.
Click here to download feedback form.

More Information

For more information on Transforming Church, or if you would like to apply for our Transforming Church Fund, please contact:
Director of Mission
The Revd Rhiannon King
T: 0121 426 0420 / 07595 880584

Header photo by John Mills