Way of Discipleship

Across Church of England Birmingham we are developing a pathway which will help us grow as disciples.  It’s called the Way of Discipleship, and of Servant Leadership.

This short video with Rev Guy Donegan-Cross, Director of Learning for Discipleship and Mission, and Mrs Maverney Kettle, opens up what discipleship means. 

It has five short modules which help us to grow in knowledge, character and gifting. 

It is focussed on helping us “learning as we follow.”  There is some knowledge, but it’s very much about ways of living which help us do three things:

Being with God (Module 1 – seven sessions).  Growing in a daily relationship of love with God.

Becoming like Christ (Module 2 – five sessions) Being changed in our characters to be more and more the people God calls us to be.

Joining in with the Spirit (Module 3 – five sessions) Living out our life purpose by joining in with God’s plan for the restoration of all things.

The other two modules give us Bible confidence (5 sessions) and help us to grow in character and skills in influencing and serving others (Way of Servant Leadership – 8 sessions over a year).

Each module gives you information, but also models discipleship in a way that connects with lived experience, before applying it to our daily lives.

If you would be interested in being involved in serving or facilitating on the Way of Discipleship please fill in this form. 

Links to helpful information:

You can read more detail here

There is a powerpoint presentation which unpacks the Way of Discipleship – its content and method. 

Last year we did a big survey about what people across the area thought was essential in discipleship – you can read the results.

There are many different courses churches can run to help disciples grow – here is a sheet with the content of 19 of them so you can compare and see what might be helpful.


If you would like to explore how you can be, or make, disciples please do get in touch with Guy at [email protected].  He’d love to hear from you.

We can explore together what would help most in whatever situation, workplace, or stage of life you are in.