Chaplaincy is a form of ministry offered beyond the life of a local church congregation, that is authorised by the Church and recognised by a host organisation. 

There are many chaplains from Church of England Birmingham who are active within places like Hospitals, Universities, Emergency Services, Military, Trains and Buses, Shops, Factories, Schools and Colleges. There is growing demand for chaplains. 

Examples of Chaplaincy in Birmingham:

Chaplaincy is usually a long-term ministry of presence, engagement and prayer. It is most commonly a voluntary ministry, though often expenses are paid by the host organisation. Every day is different and chaplains never know what to expect when they start the day. 

Chaplains discover that God is already in that place, and usually their role is to gently point that out. Chaplains are there for people of any faith or no faith: many operate in multi-faith environments and build understanding and trust with colleagues from other faiths. Chaplains often work in partnership with other church denominations and some are part of multi-faith chaplaincies. 

Gracious God,
You call us to love and to serve,
not only with words, but also in presence and actions.
We give thanks for your chaplains,
guide and protect them and magnify your grace through them.
Through your chaplains give hope during joy and sorrow and provide your chaplains with words of comfort and truth.
May they effuse the peace that comes only from you.

For further information about chaplaincy, see our Pastoral Care page.

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