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Pens for Malawi
26th April 2018
St Peter's Church , Balsall Common regularly collect items for the container for Malawi. We send knitted good, children's clothes, tools, etc. When I was last in Malawi I saw how short the schools were of basic items like pens and pencils. So I a
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Fruit that lasts: CofE encourages every minister to join The Great Vocations Conversation
19th April 2018
Nearly 30,000 serving ministers, both lay and ordained, are being encouraged to hold at least one conversation a month about vocation with someone different from themselves, in a campaign unveiled today by the Church of England. The Great Vocati
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The Children's Society Relationship Manager
17th April 2018
The Children’s Society have informed us of changes to staffing which has a direct impact on their work with the parishes and senior staff of Birmingham diocese. Most of you know, and will have met, Roseann Thompson, the Relationship Manager fo
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Windrush generation briefing
17th April 2018
Thousands of people who arrived in the UK as children in the first wave of Commonwealth immigration face the threat of deportation due to recent immigration policies. We want to bring this sensitive issue to the attention of all our church congregati
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A Double Portion of Prentis
17th April 2018
Easter is a meaningful time for new beginnings, and Revd Calvert Prentis and Revd Dr Sharon Prentis recently left the sunny South East to join our team in Birmingham, as Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Vocations Development and Intercultural
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Donations for Malawi
16th April 2018
Every year, a container lorry leaves Birmingham bound for Malawi, full of items such as books, children's clothing and stationary that Malawians need and that people across our parishes donate.The next container is to be loaded on 12 May 2018The site
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​You’re invited to the global call to prayer
12th April 2018
Mike Down, Schools Project Manager for Church of England – Birmingham, and Louisa Harrop, Head of Learning at Birmingham Cathedral, have teamed up to offer a creative space to pray in Birmingham Cathedral during the global call to prayer, Thy K
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"I am because Send a Cow is"
11th April 2018
To celebrate Send a Cow’s 30th anniversary, we went back and met with some of the original farmers who we worked with in the earlier years. I was intrigued to see how their lives have changed a generation on. How would the lives of their childr

​Permission to Smile
10th April 2018
One of the great problems of our age is isolation, coupled with indifference - a tendency to live separately, hardly acknowledge others as one passes them on the street, and even a sense now that it's not 'appropriate' to greet someone you don't know
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Archbishop's Award Hat Trick for Team Birmingham
6th April 2018
Like the No.11 Outer Circle bus, it seems that Archbishop's Awards also turn up three at once! We always knew they were winners, but today the Archbishop of Canterbury officially recognised Andrew Smith, Janet Knox and Paula Gooder for their lifelong
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