Bishop's Comment: Taking Notice

26th August 2021

A niece of mine has a creative phrase for some of her children’s activities which she calls  ‘making memories’. These can range from the profound, a last visit to great grandmother, to the ephemeral, an intense Pokemon weekend. Most are captured on Instagram or YouTube and some come up significantly in conversation months or sometimes years later.

One of the goods of the disruption of the pandemic has been to make unexpected space for noticing surroundings and encounters with greater appreciation and reflection.

For people of faith, giving attention to inner and outer responses to the daily routines can nourish their relationship with God and the world. 

At the end of a holiday season take a moment to prepare for the uncharted journey of 2021-2022 and beyond by noting your particular memories and seeing how they integrate into your being and living.

Christians might be inspired by a phrase of Rowan Williams: ‘watching the actions that give the clue to how reality is being reorganised around Jesus’.
(‘Being Disciples’ SPCK 2016 p5)