Bishop's Comment: The Transformation of Easter Day

7th April 2021

The first century Christian disciples were not ready for Jesus’ death, nor for a rapid resurrection.

Twenty-first century human beings were not ready for COVID-19, nor for a long disruption.

What state of readiness for the journey are you at this Easter?

You can read a familiar story for yourself in the bible John chapters 20 and 21.

Mary Magdalene had gone back to the old duties of mourning, relying on stale habits perhaps hoping wistfully to return to what worked before.

The disciple whom Jesus loved, saw and believed, but did not understand and had to wait to discover what to do next.

Peter needed to be loved again and have all his existing knowledge and skills revived.

Then weary, down-hearted, dispirited women and men heard themselves called by name, and turned to the astonishing sight and sound of the risen Lord Jesus.

The Acts of these disciples, as you read on in scripture, are a treasure store of inspiration for our Christian life.

As you prepare yourself for recovering, in the midst of pandemic, start to build up confidence for the road ahead in the transforming power of Jesus Christ, for ‘everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name’ Bible Acts 10 chapter 10 verse 43