Encouraging Everyday Faith

18th February 2021

As we look to the future, how are you inspiring and equipping all God’s people to be following Christ in every area of life?

“I teach primary age children everyday for eight hours, and the church doesn’t mention it….But I do Sunday school for an hour a month and they get me up the front to pray for me.”

If this is a familiar struggle, then the forthcoming Everyday Faith learning community could be for you!

As vital as it is, we can struggle to be consistent in our focus on equipping discipleship for the 95% of the time most people are living outside the church sphere.

We are beginning an Everyday Faith Learning Community in 2021 which will take small teams of mostly “lay” people from churches and help them to make seven shifts over two years to change the way they do things even more into a whole-life, every vocation, every person engaged church community.

Building on whatever exists, and making changes that fit with their context, they will meet once a term with others to help one another move from talk to action in this vital area.

You can find out more here or contact Guy Donegan-Cross.