General Election West Midlands Senior Church Leaders Joint Statement

5th June 2024



As the United Kingdom prepares for a General Election on 4 July, Church leaders in the West Midlands have issued a joint statement. In it we recognise the sacrifices made by those who serve in political office, and we encourage Parliamentary candidates to commit to working to erase systematic poverty. We urge them to commit to building an immigration system that operates with compassion, justice, transparency and speed, and encourage them to commit to supporting efforts to create an environmentally sustainable future. 

We encourage everyone to exercise their democratic right to express their opinion through the ballet box and we urge all to engage in a spirit of respect, truth and kindness. As the General Election approaches, I encourage all in Church of England Birmingham to commit to praying for Parliamentary candidates as well as for the region and wider nation. May our prayerful engagement be salt and light in the communities in which we live and minister and a powerful witness to Jesus Christ.


The Rt. Revd. Dr Michael Volland 
Bishop of Birmingham


Read the West Midlands Senior Church Leaders Joint Statement, here.



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