‘Wherever you find joy, go with it’

29th June 2021

A pious discussion about ‘joy’ was interrupted by a story of the most joyful moment of childhood - watching home-made ice cream being prepared and  dolloped into a large cone for a delicious holiday treat.

There is a longing more than ever in a pandemic for holy-days that offer a change from the daily round bringing rest, recreation, and moments of pure joy.

So many plans have been disrupted that it is necessary to be imaginative about how to get a break even when not travelling away.

Whether at home or by the sea or in the hills or a different location note the advice ‘wherever you find joy, go with it’ or as the poet William Blake wrote ‘He who clings to himself the joy, doth the winged life destroy. He who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in eternity’s sunrise’. 

Take a moment this summer to read about true joy in Jesus (Holy Bible John chapter 15 verses 1-11) and be restored in your body and soul even as you enjoy that ice-cream for yourself or others.