People & Places

People & Places is our new framework in which the Church of England Birmingham operates, enables its leaders, and lives out its Vision for “growing churches at the heart of each community”.

The traditional model of every church led by a single 'vicar', is not solely sufficient to serve the people of our diverse, urban and rural region.

Instead, every Christian community will have a trained leader, some of whom may be clergy people, who is the focus for a ministry team. This team encompasses the range of required roles, as identified by expression of church. Leadership and resources are no longer allocated by parish boundaries. The new framework enables them to be shared more fairly across all our worshipping communities and form a supporting network.

It is a model than enables growth, recognises and equips all God's people to be capable disciples and leaders. It allows us to be fair and generous in our distribution of resources and for a sustainable future to be built for all the people and places of Church of England Birmingham.

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