The P&P Team

The People & Places Programme comprises of seven individual projects. There are six deanery project teams, each rolling out the key initiatives throughout the deanery, and a seperate project to implement the coaching, mentoring and learning platform.

  • Aston & Sutton Coldifled
  • Handsworth & Central
  • Coleshill & Polesworth
  • Warley & Edgbaston
  • Kings Norton
  • Moseley & Shirley
  • Coaching Mentoring & Learning

Each of our deanery project teams are made up of the following:

  • Area Dean
  • Arch Deacon
  • Lay Chair
  • Deanery Representitives (Clergy & Lay)
  • CofE Birmingham P&P Representitives


Strategic Programme Board

People & Places is overseen by a Strategic Programme Board under the leadership of Archdeacon Simon. The board meets regularly to oversee programme governance (plans, finance, risk etc.); to monitor progress against the goals specified in the funding bid; to proide strategic direction across the whole programme

The current makeup of the Board is:



The Ven. Simon Heathfield

Archdeacon of Aston

[email protected]


Dr Jan Smart

HR Director

[email protected]


The Ven. Jenny Tomlinson

Archdeacon of Birmingham

[email protected]


Liz Dumain

Director of Parish Mission Support

[email protected]


Karen Preece 

Interim Finance Director

[email protected]


Jenny Thurston

Head of Communications

[email protected]


Gillian Sheail

Learning Pathways Manager 

[email protected]

Gary Killeen

People & Places Programme Manager

[email protected]

The Board is thankful for prayer and support and always interested to receive questions about its work, hear of talents it should include and/or insights about the programme.


Area Deans



Aston & Coldfield

Rev Anne Richardson

[email protected]


Central & Handsworth

Rev Douglas Machiridza

[email protected]



Coleshill & Polesworth

Rev Louise Shaw

[email protected]


Yardley & Solihull

In recruitment


Warley & Edgbaston

In recruitment


Kings Norton, Moseley & Shirley

In recruitment